My Result With Coolsculpting – Review

Hi there I did a Coolsculpting in Singapore two months ago, it was clearly a very interesting experience. But I’m very pro all treatments where you do not need to cut into the body unnecessarily but still give equivalent results. It is alleged that the make and I believe them.

So much I can say. It basically freezes down a larger area of fat to minus ten degrees for one hour. If you see a shadow in the nozzle of the machine, it’s my stomach. Powerful vacuum suction. When removing the nozzle, it is like taking out an ice cube out of the ice storage bin. The skin and the fat is completely shaped by imbibed.

It looks unreal and feels like sorbet to take on. Late massaged it out. It is not quite nice to be recognized. About three to four weeks about it should have come from the body through urine. So as crazy. But you love the science and technology advances even on areas such as this.

Watch my VLOG here:

During the one-hour treatment, I sat and acted as construction manager on the phone and emailed full. It felt a bit when applied to the nozzle to the skin but not since. After treatment, you become very swollen, so I will not post pictures until I have results to show up and it will take a couple of weeks.

So I will return. But according to the therapist who performed coolsculpting so I responded very well to treatment. Eagerly await the results.

Update: this is my result, you gals can see it on rexfang as I also wrote my entire review, and experience undergoing this non invasive fat removal treatment. Please see my before after picture below too 🙂

before after1before after2

How has it been for others?

So far it is good. That’s the outcome for my treatment looks excellent, just the way I expected. If the corresponding type of fat area is not a lot then this treatment is for you.

Questions and Answers Session:

Just want to point out that just because a product is patented, it does not work very well (read here). Patents do you get when you come up with something new and put money on seeking patent protection.

Q: Cool! I would also like to try coolsculpting next time but curious about the price … Understand that it varies, but can you tell us roughly?

A: From 2000 SGD to 4000 and up based on how many surfaces you want to do. One can treat everything from double chins to love handles, or even flabby arms. She has posted a cool guide 5 things to know before considering coolsculpting and you should read it first.

Q: How many times must you do?

A: Once for the lower abdomen and once for top.

Q: Just a bit curious, what have you done research before this? Indeed, I myself tried to find unbiased information about this but have not found so very, I was therefore a little bad vibes when I found it difficult to find unbiased information on treatment (results, side effects and the like). How did you first come in contact with it? I understand the desire to get results without having to undergo surgery, but I ask myself while a little skeptical about how healthy it really can be to actually freeze the stomach (!) …

A: There are two Harvard researchers who developed the method for over ten years. It is also patented. There are no other cooling methods which are not. The fact that it is, then it means that it is the only method of cooling that does not cause frostbite or other injuries afterwards. The research was developed initially for use in the operation of a different nature if I remember correctly.

Q: Regarding flight, we bought one of those rock to our daughter when we were going to Thailand in February. She used the 0 minutes 😉 was then 8 months and way too big. However, I think it might work if you are traveling on business class and has a little more space between seat. In any case, therefore have a completely unused lying if you want!

Q: A reflection on the bottom picture, it is not only the stomach has shrunk, but the whole girl, even the buttocks and thigh. photo jumped out …

A: What??. Love what your body succeed – two beautiful children. Personally, I have stretch marks and cellulite for a child (25 years old). I will wear bikini with pride.

Q: Interesting o see results then, really cool with the development


How Coolsculpting Works

Dr. H. William Song of Omni Aesthetics explains how cool sculpting can permanently reduce fat and inches without surgery.

Great Product! It helped me reduce 2 inches around my waist in 2 months. At first i was skeptical of using it but i needed to get in shape real quick for a special event. I knew exercise and diet plans could’ve worked but that way was just too much effort or too little fat loss. Besides everyone has their own diet plans and exercise techniques to recommend and it’s really confusing as to which should one follow. So i took a chance with Blue and it paid off!

You don’t need to measure your waist. You are obviously slim on your face after your first month.

I’m glad you pointed that out. I was thinking of buying one. But you are right his face does look slimmer. Which means its not the cool sculpting thats working. If it was his face wouldn’t show any difference. See people loose weight evenly from all areas of the body normally through exercise and diet. There is no way to loose weight naturally in just one area no matter what some add tells you. But the theory behind cool-sculpting is that it kills fat locally. This means you can control what area you loose weight in. From what Ive researched coolsculpting does work but this at home product I am suspicious about now. Thanks for pointing that out.

haha. good point, I didn’t really notice my face had slimmed. i’m pretty sure I never used it on my face. Maybe it’s because I talk WAYY too much that my face muscles have slimmed it down. LOL.

bro you are full of fat you need to start eating veggies avoid gluten, simple carbs sugars and workout. coolsculpting is to get rid of the hard fat


CoolSculpting Non Invasive Fat Removal Before and After Photos

Had it done today. Can’t wait to see the results.

Fat removal???. Just stop being a glutton. Stop eating processed food and eat real food and you won’t have a problem.

or u could be like me… around 13% body fat and still some decent love handles. my body LOVES hanging onto the fat around my stomach and love handles. it really sucks because im in pretty damn good shape and low BF.

This is a great procedure! I had it done on my stomach and love handles. The results were awesome! I went down two sizes! 

I had this procedure done and the results are amazing! I got rid of my love handles that I have NEVER been able to get rid of no matter how much diet and exercise I did. I am absolutely thrilled with my results!


UltraShape non invasive Body Contouring my first treatment

Here is my 2nd video in my series about my UltraShape non-invasive body contouring experience. I have received the treatment and compensation in return for my honest opinions about the experience. All opinions are my own.

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Unlike other non-invasive body contouring procedures that involve freezing your fat, there is no suction component involved, which means there is no damage to the surrounding tissue. SculpSure™ is completely PAINLESS*. Most patients describe it as “wearing a heating pad” on the area being treated*. The SculpSure™ device is made with “Contact Cooling™” technology for maximum patient comfort.

Does fat return after body contouring treatment?

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