Body Contouring

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates the use of water assisted liposuction (WAL) using the BodyJet to harvest fat and transfer to the buttock for an improved size, shape and contour.

they talk like they’re reading off a script, and the girl who got surgery talks like shes depressed it doesn’t sound convincing

Way too much talking. They didn’t even show any before and after pics. Smh.

we dont show before and afters on this video on purpose…. its for educational purposes and patient experience. pictures are on our yelp, realself, IG, facebook etc.

I love the information. Many times, we seek the way the doctors think and look for just how important patients are to them: are we just a paycheck, or are they going to really care for us.

Patients are never just a paycheck. Cosmetic procedures make my patients feel better and improve their quality of life.

i have big boobs with a very good shape waist is small..but i really wish a bigger but .but i am so scared..

you should have me take a look this is what i do all day, no reason to be scared!!

I wish there was a before and after.. she was pretty thin to begin with IMO

yes we did a revision surgery she wasn’t over weight this was to fix a botched surgery in the past. plus the type of liposuction i do is hi definition which is for athletic people with problem / stubborn areas. her photos are on my yelp/realself/instagram!