I wanted to create this video to show everyone that nobodys weight loss journey is perfect. Even when your story is riddled with mistakes and backslides like mine was, you can’t give up hope! Perseverance will always pay off in the end. Don’t give up on yourself!

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  1. If there were no people at my local gym and if social standards or whatever didn't exist i would be working out like crazy but because that's not going to happend i will probably either die at 20 from being a fat piece of shit or kill myself. Like i don't really want to die but then again i wouldn't mind either if that makes sense. It would probably be a hell of a lot better than continuing to gain weight and be miserable for the rest of my life.

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  3. You look f***ing great now dude! I just put myself on a balanced diet and started exercising thanks to motivational stories like yours!

  4. Very inspirational!! I follow you on Instagram and decided to check out your YouTube! 😀 :D

  5. SO inspirational! I'm sending this to my husband right away, as we are both on a weight loss journey right now, but he seems to have stalled a bit… But wow, does that ever show anything's possible – even through struggles and backslides… Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Great story! Thanks for sharing. I lost 100 pounds. From 303 to 203. I am now working on increasing my fitness level. I like that you use words like "Bulking" and "bodybuilding". Maybe because I still have in my mind that I am not as fit as I want to be, and the idea of me calling myself a "bodybuilder" just does not sound right. I am working on that. You video helped. Thanks.

  7. Hey brother! Great video thanks so much for sharing your journey! You mentioned Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Body and the slow carb diet but annotated that you "strongly did not recommend it" can you please elaborate on that? Thanks!

  8. Nice work, man. Amazing, really. Has your relationship with your wife changed any since you lost all that weight? Does she treat you any different?

  9. i want to ask something. how do you deal with loose skin? does it get better after some time? is it possible to get rid of loose skin without any surgery?

  10. Just found your channel 🙂 new subby here !! Congrats on your amazing loss , I'm down 58 lbs in just over a year but that's nothing in comparison to what you've done ! Look forward to following your journey here

  11. nice video man , im a 17 year old and i weigh almost 200 pounds i just want to get to that 170 or 165 what can i do to lose that weight, no diet is working for me :/

  12. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss journey.. hi im Jake and I'm 26. I could afford to lose 25 to 30 pounds but my question for you is where did you get the information on how to lose the weight right before building muscle and on how to start building muscle? After I lose the weight I need I'm interested in bulking up alittle bit myself.

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