How Coolsculpting Works

Dr. H. William Song of Omni Aesthetics explains how cool sculpting can permanently reduce fat and inches without surgery.

Great Product! It helped me reduce 2 inches around my waist in 2 months. At first i was skeptical of using it but i needed to get in shape real quick for a special event. I knew exercise and diet plans could’ve worked but that way was just too much effort or too little fat loss. Besides everyone has their own diet plans and exercise techniques to recommend and it’s really confusing as to which should one follow. So i took a chance with Blue and it paid off!

You don’t need to measure your waist. You are obviously slim on your face after your first month.

I’m glad you pointed that out. I was thinking of buying one. But you are right his face does look slimmer. Which means its not the cool sculpting thats working. If it was his face wouldn’t show any difference. See people loose weight evenly from all areas of the body normally through exercise and diet. There is no way to loose weight naturally in just one area no matter what some add tells you. But the theory behind cool-sculpting is that it kills fat locally. This means you can control what area you loose weight in. From what Ive researched coolsculpting does work but this at home product I am suspicious about now. Thanks for pointing that out.

haha. good point, I didn’t really notice my face had slimmed. i’m pretty sure I never used it on my face. Maybe it’s because I talk WAYY too much that my face muscles have slimmed it down. LOL.

bro you are full of fat you need to start eating veggies avoid gluten, simple carbs sugars and workout. coolsculpting is to get rid of the hard fat