How I Lost 15Kg in One Month | My Weight Loss Story Tips & Tricks | The Real Ways

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Hey My lovelies, tday im gonna be talking about my weight lost story tips & tricks and how i lost my weight, i hope u will like it, if u do so, make sure u subscribe to my channel, give a thumbs up and share, xoxoxo

Mentioned Diet Chart:

Early Morning: Lukewarm Water with honey/Lemon
Breakfast: 2 Rootis+ 1/2 cup Curry/ 1 cup Milk
Mid Morning: 1 Apple/1 Banana or any Fruits
Lunch: Rice 1 cup+ 1 cup vegetable+ Salad 1 Bowl
Evening: 1 cup Milk
Dinner : 2 rooties+ 1 cup soup/Vegetable+Salad 1 bowl

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  1. wow you are so inspiring so realistic you just make me belive myself thanks a lot!!♥♥♥

  2. what u said is true in my case. I was able to reduce on an average of 2kgs per month. 1200 calories diet and 45 min exercise is all enough to lose weight. but watch what u eat. I used 'my fitness pal' app to track down my calorie intake. lost 12kgs in 6 mnths.

  3. what other people think of her isn't her business so you all spreading hate instead of encouragement just leave if the video bothers ypu

  4. Americans want to be so Indian these days and Indians want to be so American 😩 why cant you be jus you?!

  5. this is one of the best videos. i am still at1:47 but i know that this will be a good video, because this girl does not do it for views, but does it because she sincerely wants to help people. i really admire you.

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