The MOST Inspirational and motivational weight loss story

******Currently unavailable on some mobile devices if this is the case for you please view on a computer!!!******Check out my website.. It is one of my goals in life to inspire others to accomplish their wildest dreams. By creating this video I hope to share my story and my struggle with others, in the hopes that they feel inspired and motivated to become the person they want to be.

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  1. Hi i would like to know how did you get your butt looking this way and your hips too , they look AMAZING !!!!

  2. wow. just wow. I've been trying to lose weight as well but it gets really hard. You are such a strong and beautiful girl. You've inspired me to try again on myself. Thank you for ur inspiration for me and for others who will look up to u :)

  3. This has determined me to loose weight I'm 13 and I am close to that weight when you first said I'm going to push hard to get where you are today

  4. I'm 15 and it's hard hearing people call you names you really help show me I could change my self and that's what I'm going to do. your beautiful

  5. Please tell me your diet method ? I'm so lost when it comes to dieting. Mainly because I'm 15, my parents aren't home most of the time, only on weekends. I barely know how to cook. I need help with that. Exercising is where I'm strong.

  6. you are now what I aspire to be. I struggle with my weight and I really needed motivation and inspiration. I just found it!! You have changed the way I think about myself and I am now going to challenge myself and push to new limits❤❤ thank you so much for inspiring me. You are absolutely beautiful and I hope you never lose your passion.

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  8. I have research many diet instructions on google and this “vivi awesome plan” has deemed to be the most recommended and reliable source of dieting and guidance. It is advisable to search this term “vivi awesome plan” on google and actually live through this to tell your story. We have already lost almost 12 lbs of fat since beginning.

  9. So whats your diet like..bc it looks like you gained muscle and lost weight simutaneously. I'm hoping to get the same results

  10. Well I started out just like her I was 224.6 pounds now I'm at 185.8 pounds and I never liked what I saw in the mirror so I start going to the gym everyday and start eating right and I'm not finished My goal weight is 110-115 because I'm only 5'0 but losing weight is hard but it's possible All I have to say is never give up

  11. Well I got a butt like that that's from doing a lot of squats and donkey kicks trust me I been doing them for 6 months

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